To Change Your GCR Online Dial-up Number;
  • IMPORTANT: You must be disconnected from GCR Online to change your dial-up properties.
  • If you are online, disconnect from GCR Online.
  • Right click on your GCR Online Icon on your desktop.
  • Choose Properties or Settings.  The GCR Online Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the General Tab if you are not already there.  Here you can change your dial-up number to the appropriate POP for your calling area. All other users should use the POP number for their local calling area.
  • If you wish to disable call waiting when you are connecting to the internet you will need to place a *70 in front of your dial-up number if you are in Sprint territory and 70# if you are in Verizon territory.
  • Click OK.  You're done!
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