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  Iomega Internal ZIP Drive 

Unlimited, reliable storage with the multi-award winning Zip drive!  Each Zip disk has 70 times the capacity of a 1.44MB floppy


100MB $105.00
250 MB $160.00

  ZIP Disks

ZIP Disks are a great way to back up all your data or simply transport huge amounts of data from one pc to another.  Choose from either 100MB or 250MB.*


100MB each $12.00
250 MB each $18.00
Call for multi-pack prices.

* The Zip 250 drive reads and writes both 250MB and 100MB Zip disks. However, the reverse is not true, Zip 100 drives will not be able to read or write to Zip 250MB disks.

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  DeskJet 710C

Because you have so much to do every day, you will like the HP DeskJet 710C's flexibility, dependability and ease of use.  It's compact design and quiet operation is ideal for small workspaces.


  DeskJet 810C

Whether it's spectacular color photos, or elegant type, your projects have to look their best. The HP DeskJet 880C makes sure they will.


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  HP ScanJet 4200CXI

The HP ScanJet 4200CXI color scanner helps you complete all of your projects quickly, from adding photos or drawings to documents to making color copies right at your desk with your color printer



  HP ScanJet 5200CXI

The HP ScanJet 5200CXI Business Series color scanner delivers quality results up to three times faster than other scanners. One button starts any project!



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  Microsoft FrontPage 2000

The Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Web site creation and management tool gives you everything you need to create and manage exactly the site you want, whether you're creating a personal Web page or a corporate Internet  or intranet site.  And because it works like the rest of Microsoft Office Premium, FrontPage 2000 is easy to learn and use.



  Corel WordPerfect Suite 8

Lets you manage over 40 different file formats, grammar and spell checks as-you-go, and keeps track of document revisions for workgroup collaboration




Power Accessories

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  APC Surge Protector

Electrical surges and power outages can damage your system and other electronic equipment. Protect your investment with quality products from American Power Conversion.


w/ telephone protection $26.00

  American Power Back-UPS 300 300va/180w

Perhaps the least appreciated but most important accessory you can buy. Your PC and more importantly it's priceless stash of data is at risk without protection. A small investment that pays for itself!



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