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General Questions

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General Questions


  • What can I find in the GCR Online Classifieds? You can find a diverse range of products from computers and videos to houses and automobiles.  You can even find a wide variety of services including baby sitters, wedding photographers and even animal breeders, there's a little something for everybody.


  • Who reads your classifieds?  People from all walks of life use the GCR Online Classifieds.  Anyone with a computer and an ISP is capable of viewing our classifieds.  Your ad may interest someone right down the street or someone half way around the globe.  The possibilities are endless.


  • Do these ads really work? Absolutely!!  Our classifieds are a great place to buy or sell a wide variety of items.  


  • How do I view the classifieds? The GCR Online Classifieds are divided into several main categories which are then broken down into more specific categories.  This allows the pages to load faster and helps you find what you are looking for a lot quicker.  


  • How do I respond to a classified? Every ad on the GCR Online Classifieds has either an email link or phone number (or both in most cases) to contact the author of the ad.  Email is the most popular form of correspondence between viewers and advertisers.


  • Can I include a photo with my ad? Absolutely!!  We encourage you to add a photo or graphic to your advertisement if possible. Photo classifieds are much more effective than text-only ads because they allow readers to see what you are selling.


    Classified Posting Questions


  • How do I post an ad on the GCR Online Classifieds? Posting a classified has never been easier or faster. Simply:
      1. Click on the "Post An Ad" link which is located on the main page and at the bottom of every classifieds page.
      2. Fill out the form provided and simply hit the "List My Ad" button and one of our online technicians will post your ad, generally within 48 hours.


  • How do I place a photo classified?  Photos must be either emailed or sent to GCR in order for them to be placed with you add.  For more information on including photos with your add, click here.


  • How long does it take before my ad is placed online? Your ad will generally show up in the classifieds within 24 hours, usually no later than 36 hours after submission.


  • How much does it cost to post an ad?  The GCR Online Classifieds are offered as a FREE service to all of our online subscribers.  Individuals and/or organizations not affiliated with GCR Online are required to pay a one time $5.00 charge per ad.. 


  • How can I edit my ad? Choose the Edit An Ad option from the classifieds GCR Online Classifieds homepage, then fill out the from provided therein and a one of our online technicians will make the necessary changes usually within 48 hours.


  • How can I renew my ad? If your ad has expired you can resubmit by clicking on the Place An Ad link which is located on the main page or at the bottom of every classified pages.


  • How can I delete my ad? Your classified will delete itself upon it's expiration date. If you would like to delete your ad before it this time simply go to the Remove Ad page and fill out the form provided and click "Delete Ad."  Your ad will be removed shortly thereafter by one of our online technicians.


  • Are there any rules or conditions for placing ads? Yes, we have a few rules and  requirements, which are listed below.
  1. Please do not post duplicates.
  2. GCR reserves the right to post your ad to the category which is most relevant to what your ad entails. This will make the site more beneficial to visitors and classified advertisers alike.
  3. GCR will not post any ads with adult language or images. Many minors visit the page and we want to keep it suitable for people of all ages.
  4. GCR will not post any ads which are blatantly offensive to others.
  5. The classified ads on this site are posted by users to the site and as such, GCR Online accepts no responsibility or liability for the authenticity and/or claims of ads placed herein.
  6. GCR reserves the right to reject or remove any ads without explanation.

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