Dial-Up Access Rates

(Dial Up & ISDN)
Standard Billing Auto Payment via Credit Card or Bank Draft
Monthly Charge (No Term) $18.95* $17.00**
Monthly (12 Month Term) ------- $15.00****
Yearly $179.40*** -------
128K ISDN    
Monthly Charge $40.00 $34.00
Monthly (12 Month Term) --------- $30.00
Yearly $360.00 -----

          What You Get . . .

Internet Access Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Email Aliases 5 5
Additional Email Accounts $5/each $5/each


          What You Don't  Get . . .

Busy Signals We have more phone lines than other ISPs
Pop UP Ads Lots of ISPs use these as a source of revenue, we don't
Junk Postal Mail and Telemarketers We don't sell information about our customers
Hassles with billing  Large ISP features with small ISP service
SPAM/Junk email We employ SPAM filters to reduce up to 90% of unwanted email.


*Note: Bill for GCR Online is mailed on or about the 1st day of each month.

**Note: Internet payment is drafted on the 7th day of each month from your checking or savings. Auto Pay via Credit Card or Bank Draft provides a $1.95/month savings over our regular price and no term commitment is required.

***Note: $179.40/year access averages to $14.95/month. Our Best Value.

****Note: $15/month rate requires a 12 month commitment and auto payment. Our Best Value.



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