Uploading your web site using Microsoft(r) FrontPage(r) 98 or Microsoft(r) FrontPage(r) 2000

  1. Go to your Control Panel
  2. Double click "Network."
  3. Make sure "Client for Microsoft Networks" is installed.  If it is, please skip to step 8
  4. If it is not, go to "Add."  Then to "Client"  Then select "Add" again.
  5. Select "Microsoft" (on the left).  Then select "Client for Microsoft Networks."
  6. Select "Ok"  You may be prompted for your Windows 95/98 CD-ROM; you will also be prompted to restart your computer.
  7. Allow your computer to restart. 
  8. Go to "My Computer"  Then open "Dial-Up Networking" 
  9. Find your GCR Online dial up adapter and make a single RIGHT click.  Select "Properties."
  10. Go to the "Server Types" tab.  Select "Log on to Network".  Select "Ok." This logs you on to our network, which is necessary when publishing to the servers.
  11. Open FrontPage
  12. Go to "File" and "Open FrontPage Web."
  13. Go to "More Webs"
  14. Then type in your web site address.  Then select "List Webs"
  15. Upon finding your web site, you will then be prompted to enter your username and password.

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